Should you vote for Trump, Clinton or someone else? Your conscience has the answer

When in doubt, reflect and go with your heart, Pope Francis tells disenchanted American voters everywhere.

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The miraculous life of Gianna Masciantonio, a little girl kissed by the Pope

It's a miracle that she survived long enough to be born, and now the baby who has defied all the odds is turning two.

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Meticulously restored St. Patrick’s Cathedral in all its glory (PHOTOS)

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Thoughts & prayers for the victims of the Nice attack

At least 10 of the victims in Nice were young children and babies, including one American boy, which only heightens the tragedy of this senseless attack.

How being an Army wife changed the things I pray for

How I learned to see the Army's "no" as God's "something better."

Responding to horror with humanity

The Pope's statement in the wake of the Orlando tragedy once again comforts us and reminds us of the power of prayer.

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Why Trinity Sunday matters

Three Gods in One is hard to comprehend, but the beauty and graces that flow from this belief are staggering.

Praying to play

The power of prayer has been credited with helping an underdog English soccer team win the most prestigious award of the season. This long-known tactic is used by many U.S. teams and athletes too, creating positive role-models for sports fans everywhere.

The daily prayer that can change your life

How an ancient spiritual practice called the Daily Examen can transform your busy days.

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Walking in circles

The spiritual practice of walking a labyrinth can heal your soul.

Prayers for Brussels

As the world mourns and offers support to those affected by today's attacks in Belgium, many turn to prayer as a uniting force.