Spirit of Rio 2016

How Grover helped me explain the Olympic Refugee Team to my child

The furry blue monster from Sesame Street explains to kids how some athletes don't have a country.

Katie Ledecky: rising above the noise in the swim for gold

At 19-years-old, Ledecky, the 2012 Olympic champion in the 800m freestyle, is poised to make history again in Rio. But get to know her outside the pool, and she'll inspire you further still with the depth of her smarts and soul.

5 incredible female swimmers to watch in the Olympics

Swimming has always been my favorite sport to watch in the Olympics. This year, Rio will showcase swimming at its best as Katie Ledecky, Dana Vollmer, and more, compete for the gold.

The Olympics’ opening ceremony: Brazil knows how to throw a party

Sure, other countries may have more money, better technology, and fewer social issues. But can they samba?

A cheat sheet for watching Olympic equestrian events

Don't know the rules of dressage or what "warmblood" means? A beginner's guide to understanding and enjoying the equestrian competition in Rio.

The 8 most exciting women to watch in Rio’s gymnastics

Full of strong, talented gymnasts—including a 41-year-old!—Rio's gymnastics competition will surely make history. Don't miss watching these stand-out performances from key athletes.

12 thrilling Olympic journeys we can’t wait to see unfold in Rio

These inspiring athletes and teams have us on the edge of our seats already: all face unique challenges, fierce competition, and potential glory.

10 sports movies that will get you excited for the Olympics

Don't just jump into watching the 2016 Olympics without a warm-up!

Ralph Lauren unveils Olympic uniforms that will light the way for Team USA

Ralph Lauren debuted Team USA's 2016 Olympic uniforms complete with blazers, boat shoes and new light-up technology ... do you like the new look?

A visual history of women’s Olympic uniforms (1900–2016)

From full-length dresses to sparkly leotards, a lot has changed about women's Olympic uniforms over the last 116 years.

Why Rio 2016 is a major watershed for women in sports

The U.S. is sending more women than men to the Rio Olympic games this year—and more female athletes than any other nation has ever sent in history.

Rio recipes: How to throw a spectacular Olympics-watching party

Host an Olympics-watching party with these authentic Brazilian dishes and so-fun party tips. (Not to brag, but we think our recipe for Rio chocolate fudge…

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The Olympic games are back again, and For Her is cheering on Team USA with unique stories, exclusive athlete interviews, and so much more. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of Rio 2016.

Bound for gold: US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics team is more unique than ever before

These robust tumblers are ready for Rio! Five spectacular gymnasts secured their spots on team USA for the Summer Olympics,…