Smile and the world smiles with you

Research suggests that the act of smiling isn't just a polite courtesy, it's a way to empathize with others, influence the mood of a room, and brighten grumpy days at the office.

The benefits of self-denial in a must-have world

It’s great to have what we want, but once we have a certain amount, having more doesn’t make us happier.

The quest for Divine Mercy

After St. Faustina inspired a religious masterpiece, it was stolen and hidden away for many years. A new documentary brings it's decades-long journey to light.

10 ways to develop your conscience

It's like a mirror through which we view and navigate the world, but sometimes the reflection is distorted.

The mystery of ‘thin places’

There are certain spots in the world where, if you sit quietly, the distance between heaven and earth collapses.

Putting nature on your calendar

We all need to open our doors for more time with nature. It's no longer optional.

Cindy Crawford is giving up the battle for youth

The legendary fashion and beauty icon has announced she'll retire this month. But she's still got one last lesson for us before she does.

9 beautiful weekend retreats to help you push the reset button

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The joy of being alone (without your phone)

Last fall I took a group of high-achieving young honors students with plans to change the world on a silent retreat. I accompanied these college sophomores, driving through twisting roads splashed on either side with autumn colors, to St. Meinrad’s Archabbey in southern Indiana to spend a night. There, they…

Meditation when you can’t sit still

Many of us spend our days on a perpetual treadmill. Going from one thing to the next. The suggestion of slowing down to mindfully meditate might sound like an invitation to climb Everest. Note to inner self: it is worth the effort.