Why can’t we leave Renee Zellweger’s face alone?

Despite the opening of her new film Bridget Jones' Baby tonight, when you type her name into Google, the search engine will probably ask you…

‘Wonder Woman’: a new kind of hero who’s a princess, but not a girlfriend, or sidekick

Has anyone bothered to ask: “Do little girls really love princess stories, or do they…

So, Jennifer Aniston, how will you use your beauty?

Jennifer Aniston touched on something much deeper than simple objectification of women's bodies in her Huffington Post essay. It's not that we don't feel beautiful—we don't feel 'normal.'

‘Nike Nightie’ babydoll tennis dress loses fans at Wimbledon

Nike's "Premier Slam Dress" is far from an Ace. These tennis whites, meant for Serena Williams and other women tennis pros, are revealing much more…

Educating my sons about Calvin Klein’s pervasive lie

The new Calvin Klein ads are demeaning and hurtful to women. So how do parents keep their kids from the dangerous messages filtering into their heads from these giant billboards?

How celebrity photoshop battles are reaffirming true beauty

“That’s not okay,” actress Kerry Washington said this week about her photoshopped ‘Ad Week’ cover. Her words further inspire our ongoing #SoulBeauty campaign's deeper definition of beauty.

The rounder the better: spring’s new sunglasses trend

The Lennon look is in! Here: 30 of our favorite circular shades, for every face, and at every price. Talk about a well-rounded selection.

Giving women artists the exposure they deserve

A look at nine pieces that beautifully illustrate the talent and creativity of contemporary women artists.

Chloe: Fashion Week’s must-have bag

This Chloe it-bag was seen on the shoulders of models and stylish guests from Paris to Istanbul. Now you can have it, too.

Coloring book therapy

Is it nostalgia, regression, or the need for more spiritual reflection (or, perhaps, a combination of the three) that fuels the adult coloring book trend?

Strobing: 5 steps to a radiant new you

Move aside, contouring. Strobing is a more natural highlighting technique to give your face that dewy, youthful glow.

5 things to learn from the world’s happiest people

In a survey of the happiest people around the globe, America ranked 15th. Try these stay-happy lifestyle tips from cultures that topped the list.

Fall in love with fair trade fashion

It can be tempting to succumb to the lures of “fast” fashion, but some of those $10 sale-rack steals come at the expense of people working under unjust conditions. Now there are more ways than ever to support fair wages, safe environments, artists’ rights, and eco-friendly practices of production, without sacrificing a sense of style.

Note to self: letter-writing is good for you!

“C u ltr,” is an accurate reflection of my correspondence with friends and family lately. It’s often a short text that I’ve dashed off while doing something else. It’s full of acronyms, may unabashedly contain typos (and p.s. I’m a writer), and typically feels more to the point than wrapped…